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School Development Plan

Outcomes for pupils

  • To ensure combined RWM at the end of KS2 is inline with national
  • To reading at KS2, to ensure the number of children achieving expected is in line with national.
  • To track children who achieved GDS (greater depth) in EYFS and KS1 and ensure they maintain GDS throughout the KS

Quality of Teaching

  • To improve the teaching of reading by introducing daily whole class reading
  • To close the vocabulary gap.
  • To further develop explaining and reasoning skills in Math (APE)
  • To develop times table knowledge
  • To ensure mental starters effectively develop number skills
  • To develop pedagogy for the wider curriculum

Leadership and Management

  • To challenge T&L standards across the school by identifying KEY performance indicators for RWM in each year group.
  • To undertake a Guided Peer Review to strengthen self evaluation and school improvment.
  • To To stregthen the governing body to further develop effectiveness to support and challenge.

Personal Development, Bheaviour and Safety

  • To promote mental health awareness amongst children and staff
  • To develop children's understanding of differences.
  • To engage and support parents to aid in improving family life through introducing Parent Gym.
  • To further develop harmonious lunchtimes.
  • To achieve bronze healthy school status.